Friday, April 22, 2011

Our New Little Friends

The moment I met these little guys, I absolutely fell in love. Caden loved them and they are the perfect size for him. So I began my search and found a wonderful farm that raises these Nigerian Dwarf goats. Denise at Caramel Apple Farm ( has been so helpful in getting us started. Today we picked out 5 to bring home at the beginning of June. We are so excited! And my dear husband is being so gracious about this new little hobby that is bound to be another expense and more work for him. Here are the new additions!
Sweet Pea and one of her babies
The mama doe, Sweet Pea, loved Caden!

The brother and sister

This is Kathryn's little doe

Friday, March 4, 2011

My new hobby!

So my new hobby is crocheting. I have been having a blast! I am mostly making baby hats for now because they are fairly easy and fast. And I have a wonderful baby hat model (at least for the ones that fit him)! Here are some of my creations.

First Horseback Ride!


So Caden got to have his first horseback ride with his dad on January 30th. He loved it! He just sat up there and rode around. I think the horse was more worried than any of us because he was taking such careful steps for Caden.

But the next week, he got to ride his horse with his dad :).